Friday, June 17, 2011


Some people have said the end of the world is coming on Oct. 21 of this year.  This is based largely on the same biblical evidence behind the much acclaimed prediction of The Rapture on May 21.  That drew a smaller crowd than the Red Sox/Cubs series the same weekend.

What few people realize is the real end of the world comes not in the form of Judgement Day or anything celestial.  It will be N.M.F.D.

For the uninitiated, this is No More Freebies Day.  It's the day when GMail, Skype, Yahoo!, YouTube, and all the other free Web services we know and love start charging money.  Cause you know that's gotta happen, right?  Turns out that giving stuff away for free is not a great business model.  Imagine if WalMart had a "Help Yourself" policy.  Do you think there'd be a store in every town in the country?  Imagine if Ikea gave away furniture and cinnamon rolls.  There'd be an epidemic of obesity.  (Oh, wait.)

So prepare yourselves.  The day is coming.  You'll have to pay to watch YouTube! videos.  You'll have to subscribe to use Skype.  Facebook will make you pay for each exciting update on who had what for lunch.  And The New York Times will allow you only 19 free articles per month!

Mark my words!  It'll be worse than any apocalypse.

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