Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pump and dump start-ups?

I'm wondering if the relatively short duration of patent protection, coupled with the ease of contesting a patent, contribute to the pump and dump high-tech culture. People start companies with the business model of developing just enough technology to attract a buyer for the company.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I paid, you paid, we all paid for iPad

Today the much ballyhooed Apple iPad officially goes on sale. Looking much like a large electronic placemat, this device has become the focal point of speculation of the subject of ... well, what the hell use is it? Regarded by some as an overgrown iPod Touch, and by others as a rather limited netbook, it really defies all the traditional (i.e., 3 month old) classifications.

So of what use is this really? I'm favoring the placemat idea. It would be particularly striking to create an animated table setting with accompanying iPod Touch coasters. But there are many other ideas. Here are at least a dozen:
  1. A remote control that's hard to misplace.
  2. A heavy clipboard. (Clip sold separately.)
  3. A wireless keyboard. (Keyboard sold separately.)
  4. A cat lounge.
  5. An electronic document reader.
  6. An electronic paperweight.
  7. A sticky note board.
  8. A catalyst for the fashion industry's next big thing ... iPants.
  9. A glass table top (when used on top of a non-glass-topped table.)
  10. The world's tiniest sovereign state.
  11. An electronic newspaper. (Newspaper sold separately.)
  12. Ok, I'll have to get back to you on this one ...
It's rumored that Apple, already buoyed by the iPad's success, is working feverishly on other super-sized products, including a 12" iPhone, a MacBook Futon, and an iPod Shuffle visible to the naked eye.