Monday, June 27, 2011

The Aging Process

From the Fountain of Youth to Botox, people seem to be enthralled with the notion of postponing aging (or at least, the appearance of aging.) We all want to be forever young and beautiful, with clear skin and clearer minds. Of course, we want to hold onto everything we've learned in life, but to retain (or regain) the youthful enthusiasm and energy.

Unfortunately, little is documented about the aging process itself. Doctors understand certain conditions that tend to be age-related, but not the underlying changes that are summed up as "getting older."

To help remedy this, I want to document some of my own personal experiences with aging. This is not exhaustive ... I hope to continue aging for a good long while to come, and will report further results.  The brief outline so far, is as follows:

Childhood - Couldn't wait to grow up. Grown-ups had all the money and power. Of course, back then a $5 bill was unimaginable wealth.

Teen Years - Desperately wanted to join the ongoing sexual revolution. Unsuccessful.

College - So much opportunity, so little time.

Young, Single Adult - Life is good. The three I's: Income, Independence, Initiative.

Young, Not-So-Single Adult - The three I's have become three D's: Debt, Dependence and Deference.

Parent - Ironic to look back on childhood's innocence and naivete and think: "Damn, I should have played more."

Somewhat Older Parent - These kids today ...

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