Friday, November 4, 2016

Ballad Box

A guy on Facebook tried to tell me Hillary is crooked.
I told him that the FBI and Congress  had both looked
And neither could find evidence on which she could be tried.
Says he, "That only goes to prove how thoroughly she lied."

I said, "She had an email server at her residence,
The FBI examined it and found no evidence
That any of the emails there would constitute a crime."
The guy said, quite disdainfully, "Wait. Just give them time."

"Through multiple investigations of Benghazi's raid,
The embassy's security could well have used more aid
But that was cut," I protested, "by your own GOP.
"Nevertheless," the man said, "the blame lies with Hillary."

I soon grew tired of going 'round in this political waltz.
The guy's answer to everything was "Hillary is false.
Don't you see the string of crimes she casually denies?
The proof of guilt is in the way she spews out all those lies!"

"So in your view, she must be guilty if she won't confess?
But if there's been no crime, maybe it's really truthfulness."
The guy replied "Well, can it be you're really such a chump?
The only one who tells the truth ... he said so ... 's Donald Trump."

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