Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wake-up Call

My Android phone had to beg and plead
To be upgraded to Lollipop.
This upgrade really has nothing I need
But it did make my Clock app just stop.

Tech entrepreneurs become billionaires
Selling products at which we all curse.
They go on making money ‘cause nobody dares
Point out these things could scarcely be worse.

Everyone hates Tim Cook and Bill Gates
Yet we keep buying stuff from these thugs,
In spite of the need for constant updates
Just to fix the last update’s bugs.

We care more about toasters than about toast,
Buying products that flew or just flopped.
I’d issue a wake up call right in this post,
But unfortunately, Clock app has stopped.


Bill Costa said...

You'd think there would be a market for a mobile phone/digital-assistant that offers a set of must-have core functionality that, over time, gets simpler, faster, more efficient, and more reliable as the software and hardware technology matures.

But instead what we have is a constant churn of interface look and feel, and new hardware features, all in the hope that the brand X platform will be the one that supports the next killer smart phone app.

Unknown said...

You'd think.