Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ten Time-Saving Tips

In this holiday season, many people are stressed due to the myriad of things they have to do. The ever-helpful Tech Curmudgeon offers these time-saving tips.

10.Buy already shelled pistachio nuts.
9.Read spoilers on the Internet instead of watching TV and movies.
8.Choose foods that can be enjoyed cold. (Preferably right from containers in the fridge!)
6.Wrap your cats in plastic wrap.
5.Throw away your mouse and learn a command language.
4.Drink iced coffee.
3.Get a nano- or picowave oven.
2.Eat dessert first.
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Andy Koenigsberg said...

Not too sure about the utility of plastic-wrapping the cat.

Unknown said...

Well, Andy, I'm guessing you haven't cleaned a house where cats have been busily shedding.

Andy Koenigsberg said...

Well, my cats also occasionally up chuck hair balls, it never occurred to me to put a bag over their heads. Gee whiz, what an elegant solution to that one!