Friday, March 23, 2012

Power Siris

Our Tech Curmudgeon Research and Prognostication (TCRAP) group announced today that they had achieved a milestone in their current investigation, which was centered on getting two iPhone 4Ses ... Should that be iPhone 4sses? Or iPhones 4S? ... anyway, they got two of these iPhone 4S thingies to converse. The exchange went something like this:

P.I.:1 Siri, Hi.
iPhone 4S/Siri #1: Hello.
iPhone 4S/Siri #2: Hello.

We know the second iPhone 4S was addressing the first because they made iContact.

Now admittedly this is a pretty short, superficial conversation, but it already surpasses the level of discourse on Amazing Race, among other network shows. And don't get me started on TV networks and the so-called "March Madness."

We can look forward to Siri/Siri conversations in the not-too-distant future with such sparkling repartee as:

P.I.1: Greetings.
Siri #1: The iTunes Store offers Greetings from Asbury Park, Bruce Springsteen, 1973.
Siri #2: Here are directions to Asbury Park, New Jersey.
Siri #1: New Jersey, known as the Garden State, is located in the mid-Atlantic coastal region of the United States.
Siri #2: The United States occupies 3.79 million square miles, and has a population of over 300 million people and over 50 million iPhone 4Ses.  Or should that be iPhones 4S?

And so on. The next breakthrough would be getting one of the Siris to initiate the conversation.

And as for network television, do they really think the usual audience for The Big Bang Theory would rather watch college basketball?


1P.I. stands for principal investigator, which is kind of like a private investigator, except that instead of being a cool guy in a rumpled suit who chases bad guys, a principal investigator is a geeky person in a lab coat who chases grant money.

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