Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Ever been someplace where you're too hot while others are too cold, or vice versa? Ever have trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar bed? Ever wish you could sprint around mountains and leap over tall buildings?

I think Iron Man has the answer. Iron Man, the comic book not-quite-superhero, built himself a suit that can perform all kinds of amazing things.  Basically, whoever wears it becomes a superhero, able to fly, use built-in weapons, and look totally buff.

Imagine what a suit like that could do for you.  First, it could walk, run, jump and even fly for you.  This could totally replace crutches, wheel chairs and heelys.  It would, of course, have climate control, so you'd be comfortable at any temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.  If everyone had a suit like this, there'd be no need to heat and cool buildings anymore.

In fact, there'd be little need for buildings at all.  You could store your stuff in a locked steel box, but basically, you'd have no real need for furniture.  You could sit in the suit, and even sleep on the ground in complete comfort.  You could get around on a glacier, a rocky mountainside or the bottom of the ocean as easily as in an office.  You could even have a place to carry your iPad.

And, of course, the suit would monitor your vital signs, make sure you eat right and get enough exercise.  The suit controls how much or how little effort you have to expend to do things, so your workout may be running across the continent every morning, or jumping over a few skyscrapers.

Or you could simply tell the suit where you want to go, and relax and text your friends while it takes you there.  In fact, why go anywhere?  The suit has no need of you.  It knows what to do.  Stay home and watch TV.

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