Sunday, December 24, 2006

Xmas Shopping

I'm sure a recent trip to the mall is fresh in many of our minds. The store Brookstone's has the motto "Hard-to-Find Tools." Huh? I have enough trouble finding the tools I already own!

Then there's a clothing store called The Limited. Wouldn't you rather shop someplace that's not so limited?

Banana Republic? That used to be a derogatory term for an emerging Latin American country. How it's high-end clothing.

The Discovery Channel Store? What's next? The Court Channel Store? the C-SPAN Store?

There used to be some interesting department stores, but they're all Macy's.

Pottery Barn Kids - Now there's an accident waiting to happen.

In one mall near me, Eddie Bauer, American Eagle Outfitters, Banana Republic and The Walking Store all cater to the outdoorsy, pine-cone-and-burr set, while 25 stores are categorized as women's fashions. All together:
  • 30 clothing
  • 21 restaurants and food concessions
  • 14 shoes
  • 13 jewelry
  • 13 music/electronics/video
  • 11 home furnishings
  • 7 specialty food
  • 6 sporting goods
  • 1 books

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