Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Media and Old

I created an image recently for a theater poster. The director had a very specific idea in mind, and the way I wound up creating the image included:

1) Using two background photographs, one landscape and one sky, which were blended together in Photoshop using layer masks.

2) Using an outline shape which was embossed, blurred and smudged in Photoshop until it looked like a cloud.

3) Using e-Frontier Poser and DAZ Studio to create a figure model in the pose I wanted, and

4) Drawing and coloring clothing in pastel (Yes, regular old pastel sticks that you buy in an art store).

The whole image actually came together surprisingly well. I was worried that the different looks of photos, a computer generated figure model and pastel would really not go together, but it works.

The most fun? The pastel. Working at a computer is powerful, fast, flexible, versatile, and many other adjectives. But for the fun of creating, it still can't beat traditional art media.

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