Wednesday, December 6, 2006

How to Be an E-mail AH

1) Sign up for lots of e-mail mailing lists. Be sure to call them listservs.

2) Immediately delete the confirmation messages that say "Save this message." Don't bother reading the mailing list rules. That's a waste of time.

3) Post messages to all these lists asking the moderators to switch you to digest mode. Don't write to the moderator directly. Share this with the whole list.

4) Once you're in digest mode, make sure to include the entire digest as a quotation in every post you make to the list.

5) Reply to any subject on the list with a completely different subject. Never post an original message. Always make it a reply.

6) Post about anything other than the topic of the list. That gets boring.
a) Be sure to forward all your spam to the list, asking if its legitimate.
b) Also forward any virus warnings you get to the list. If you don't get any, make some up.

7) Post messages implying that other list members must be idiots or otherwise mentally deficient.

8) If the moderator ever posts to the list, accuse him or her of censorship, and draw a comparison to Hitler.

9) Post messages to all your lists asking to be removed. Better yet, post several such messages.

10) Go to step #1.

That's about it. Simple, eh?

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