Monday, September 7, 2015


Once again, I’m in the position of having to explain the infrequency of postings to this blog. The fact is that we strive to maintain a high standard of editorial quality, and very few of our submissions meet these stringent guidelines. We regret that this may result in a paucity of postings, but we will not compromise.

Which brings us to another factor … compulsiveness. I’m not an obsessive compulsive. Just a common, garden-variety compulsive. But even so, this poses challenges. For example, the expression “in moderation,” (as in, for example, “it’s ok to drink red wine in moderation.”) is a complete enigma. How can something be ok in moderation? Either it’s not ok, in which case it is to be avoided completely, or it’s ok, in which case we should indulge like ants on a dropped ice cream sandwich that still has ice cream in it because it didn't all squish out between the two cookies the way it usually does.

Another problem with compulsiveness as a blogger is that you have a tendency to want to spell everything correctly, or at least readably, and to use something resembling correct grammar. It should be clear, for instance, that there are no compulsives on Facebook.

Finally, if you’re compulsive, you’re going to want to wrap up your blog post in a way that

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