Thursday, November 20, 2014

The All-Weather Trike

After rhapsodizing about the joys of the recumbent trike last week, I thought I should at least show you the vehicle in question. Above is my current year-round commuter, complete with retractable fabric top (Veltop) and windshield for all-weather use. It may look hokey, but it does actually keep me dry. It's like driving a big umbrella around.

Beneath that top is a 2013 Catrike Villager with the 26" rear wheel upgrade from Utah Trikes.


Bill Costa said...

Looks like a nice ride. What was the thinking behind the rear wheel upgrade?

I like the idea of a trike for commuting, but unfortunately it is a bit harder to travel with than a conventional bike. I suppose if the goal is riding on rail trails and such, you could treat these the same way you treat a snow machine and trailer it!

Unknown said...

The larger rear wheel speeds up the trike (same rear cassette), and also smooths out the ride somewhat.
There are folding trikes, though this isn't one of them, and some people also use rear racks or roof racks. This one fits inside the car.