Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Announcing Visagecodex

Certainly social networking sites like Facebook offer an opportunity for human connection that's otherwise lacking in our dreary existences. Without Facebook, how would we know whose birthdays are coming up? Or what our friends had for lunch or which inspirational cliches need repeating? And how could we keep up with the dietary trends of cats?

Yet there is a downside to Facebook. They'll let anybody in.

Really, it's not selective in the least. It was originally intended for college students, but it has become the online equivalent of Grand Central Station, open to any slob with Internet access. Advertisers, opportunists, homeless people and evangelists for every fly-by-night cult are lurking there, waiting to exploit your personal information.

We here at The Tech Curmudgeon think that if you're going to reveal deeply personal information ... information like what you had for lunch or how cute your cats are ... you should be in a safe environment, surrounded by others like yourself. That's why we've created visagecodex, the social network exclusively for pretentious snobs.

Just think! No more Likes from random strangers half a world away. No more comments that try to top your dumb joke with an even dumber one. Just good, reliable arrogant egotists you can depend on.

So check out visagecodex today!

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