Friday, April 22, 2011

Thoughts Thunk While Just Sitting

There's an old witticism ... "Sometimes I like to sit and think, and other times I just sit." The following are the byproducts of the latter type of activity.

When you're flying, the pilot should announce each time zone. That way, if the plane has to make an emergency landing, at least you'll know what time it is.

I want to open the world's first completely on-line restaurant. Seating will be immediate, but the food takes forever.

Shouldn't the reward for being a frequent flyer be something other than miles that allow you to fly more? That's like rewarding military heroes with longer tours (though I guess we do do that.) Maybe frequent flyers should be awarded a Web cam, so they can stay home and use Skype next time.

Technology has really brought the world together. It used to be that my computer was too slow. Now the whole Internet is too slow.

Every time I travel by air, it's even more unpleasant than my previous trips. The airlines must employ some very creative thinkers in order to stay competitive. How do I get a job like that?

Hi-def TV is great! I used to watch the Red Sox get beaten into the ground.  Now I can watch them get beaten into each individual blade of grass.

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