Friday, January 16, 2009

The Bush Legacy

In his farewell address, George W. Bush highlighted what he evidently considers his greatest accomplishment ... the fact that this country has not experienced a terrorist attack on its own soil for seven years. Clearly Bush is selling himself short. There are many other accomplishments for which he should take credit.

For example, no noteworthy Americans have turned into giraffes. That's big!

Equally impressive is the fact that no American homes have been picked up and blown to Oz. Well, not literally. Not lately, anyway.

And let's not forget that no interns were screwed. Well, not White House interns anyway. That we know of.

No embryonic stem cells were harmed in the frivolous pursuit of life-saving and disability-curing medical treatments.

A number of banks and financial institutions haven't failed. And no oil companies have failed.

The seas have not boiled over, and the earth has not opened up and swallowed us.


Top that, Obama!

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