Friday, September 19, 2008

Clone Wars

With all that's going on this week, dueling presidential candidates (plain and vice), investment bank meltdowns, and the climax of the regular baseball season, the one thing that seems to have lit up the blogosphere is ads. In particular, it's the ad war between Apple and Microsoft.

For about two years, Apple has been running a series of ads on TV and in print, featuring an ever-so-cool looking personification of a Mac inevitably triumphing over a somewhat stuffy and officious PC character, more or less a caricature of Bill Gates.

After a brief foray into ads about nothing, featuring former Microsoft head Bill Gates and former TV star Jerry Seinfeld, intended to salvage Vista's tarnished image, Microsoft changed horses and decided to go with a new campaign spoofing Apple's, feature a look-alike of Apple's Bill Gates look-alike.

One step ahead, though, Apple launched a new ad spoofing Microsoft's spoof of Apple's ads. This features the original Gates simulacrum pleading with people to stop switching to Mac and, of course, in the process, demonstrating his own ineptitude.

There's one more good thing about open source software like Linux ... no ads!

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