Monday, January 29, 2018

Reincarnation Wish List

In the process of re-examining my life and paring down my possessions, I’m coming to realize that certain choices I could have made would have simplified things greatly. So I want to record some of these decisions, just in case whoever’s in charge of reincarnation is paying attention.

Brompton folding bike (brushed nickel finish, maybe electric assist)

Art medium
Oil pastels (but open to others too)

Hmmm. Love New York and Boston, but wouldn’t argue about someplace with milder winters.

Writing and illustrating children’s books … not huge money, but rewarding to get read and looked at by generations of kids, (if you can ignore their parents asking why you don’t become a real writer.)
Maybe a tiny bit privileged, but definitely with a conscience! (Hey, if you have a choice …)

I’ll let you know.

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