Tuesday, April 12, 2016

WTF Tuesday: What is BOGO?

In keeping with our increasingly lame tradition of answering questions on Tuesdays, today’s topic is …

What is BOGO?

BOGO is an acronym used in advertising to mean “Buy one, get one …”.

As is, the concept of “Buy one, get one” is almost tautological. We take it for granted that if you buy something, you get it. What advertisers want us to think when we see BOGO is “Buy one, get another one at some reduced price,” though of course BOGAOASRP is difficult to pronounce.

We therefore suggest some alternatives:

BOGOF Buy one, get one free
BOGOHO Buy one, get one half off
BORISE Buy one, return it, shop elsewhere
BOJANGLE Buy one just as “new” gets less expensive
BOPDOOWOP Buy one, please donate one or worthy organizations perish
SOGIF Steal one, get it free. (Pronounced like “so-gif”.)
AWOPBOMALOOMOPALOMPBOMBOM Ask where one … aw, hell! You figure it out.
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