Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State of the Blogosphere

My fellow Americans (and others), we are now zero years into the century that runs from 2015 to 2115. We have just come through an extraordinary time period. We’ve come through a time of two foreign wars, multiple international terror attacks, and kale. We’ve struggled through grim economic times, when we faced the anxiety of uncertain employment, unavailable insurance and unreliable Wi-Fi. Even the middle class has been hard hit by stagnant wages, rising education costs and “Two Broke Girls.” And we’ve all just experienced a grim reminder that humor itself can be lethal.

And while climate change threatens our very existence, maybe it will at least keep the winter Olympics away from Boston.

In such times, it’s important to remember the positive accomplishments.

Um …

In such trying times, it’s important to state our fundamental principles … the preservation of our freedom and our values.

Everyone should be able to wear Google Glass in public. (Huh? Ok, no Google Glass.)

No American, rich or even richer, should be able to distort our democratic process with excessive campaign contributions, manipulation of electoral districts or voting.

No American should be required to actually be from America.

No American should be denied vital healthcare because of lack of insurance, long waits, limited parking or the age of waiting room magazines.

No hacker should be able to penetrate our security, rob us of confidential information, or hinder our ability to see Seth Rogen movies.

No terrorist should be able to shoot cartoonists. Even editors should not be shot. Most of them.

And above all, in response to the many challenges we face, we are determined to keep posting more crap in the hopes that some of you will read it.

Thank you, and blog dess America.

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