Thursday, September 25, 2014

No Apologies

I’ve been reluctant to post this, because I realize that fully half of all blog posts are apologies for not posting more regularly. But timelily enough (So what is the adverb form of “timely?”), the New York Times this week talked about the situation of bloggers who are feeling oppressed by the onerous task of trying to keep their blogs up-to-date. The fact is that bloggers can easily be overwhelmed by the responsibility of having to provide high quality content day in and day out. (Luckily, my readers know I’m under no such burden.)

But I do want to offer at least a few lame words of contrition.

In brief, I’ve been busy. In addition to my full time day job, I’m undergoing daily radiation therapy for prostate cancer. I was also taking an evening class at a nearby university, but I had to drop that. And as if that weren’t enough, the radiation therapy has side effects, including digestive disorders, fatigue, and a peculiar attraction to women in scrubs.

Seriously, on the the subway, I look right past the fashionistas and the hipsters, and find my attention drawn to those women with hospital IDs dangling from the drawstrings of their baggy blue pants. I find myself leering at them, my mind reeling with dark thoughts like “I wonder if she would be good at positioning the treatment table.” My pulse races at the thought of having them take my pulse. I just want to throw myself at their little paper bootie clad feet and be taken care of.

The point is, things have been weird.

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