Wednesday, October 10, 2012


In an earlier post, I compared some of the magic in the Harry Potter stories with technology that's available today. It occurred to me that the best use of this overlap would be to implement a computer programming language whose built-in operators are spells from the Harry Potter books. We will call this, naturally, HPL (Harry Potter Language). As I first step, I'm proposing the following:

AccioDownload file
AlohomoraEnable access
Avada KadavraCtrl-Alt-Del
ConfundusDisplay engineer-written help message
EngorgioFill available memory.
Expecto PatronumLaunch a new process
ExpelliarmusEject CD
LegilimensShow stack trace
LumosBrighten screen
Patrificus TotalisFreeze computer1
Prior IncantatoUndo
RiddikulusCan be substituted for any program written in HPL
Wingardium LeviosaUpload file

1Redundant on Windows systems.

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