Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The New York Times reports that Microsoft will be licensing Adobe's Flash Lite for use on Windows Mobile smart phones. It's difficult not to see this as a huge concession by Microsoft, whose Silverlight technology is aimed squarely at Adobe's Flash and Flex. Silverlight will have an uphill battle to displace Flash as the vehicle of choice for FSP* Web sites. After all, if you're a Web designer, are you going to use the technology that lets you run on 97% of the systems already out there, or the one from Microsoft? Microsoft's customary dominate-at-any-cost approach will be sorely tested. So perhaps Microsoft's mobile dudes have decided they need to get those eyeballs now, instead of waiting for Silverlight.

It wasn't all that many years ago that Adobe tried to compete with Flash by hustling its own rival, Live Motion. After a few years of unsuccessful attempts to catch Macromedia, Adobe decided it would be easier to just swallow them whole.

So, could another such takeover attempt be in the cards?

*FSP = "Fancy Schmance Pants"; I have it on good authority that this term is in vogue, at least in middle school.

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