Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I was stunned to see an area about 10 feet wide and the entire length of the mall cordoned off. Inside, people were lounging about with their lattes, reading magazine or e-mail or both. It took me a minute to realize these people were waiting for the iPhone to go on sale at the Apple Store about 6 hours hence. According to reports, some people camped out days in advance at their nearest Apple or AT&T store.

What is that about? What would be wrong with waiting a day? Or a week? Or a month?

From all reports, the iPhone does an excellent job of helping you use a very slow Internet connection. There's a lot of glitzy technology in there, all crowded behind what looks like a very seductive touch screen. Stroke it the right way, and it'll make the earth move for you. Phone, Web browser, e-mailer, iPod, video/photo player, etc., all packed into one neat little box.

Sounds like a great time-saver for the busy person on the go. Exactly unlike all these folks waiting in line for a day to buy one.

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